Mollysdogs Boarding & Daycare

There's always time for a nap.
There's always time for a nap.

Overnight boarding at Mollysdogs is a family experience with a professional level of safety & cleanliness. There's plenty of outdoor space here and all off-leash interactions are supervised. I often put dogs into two or three groups so they are able to share space with the dogs they're most comfortable around.If you have questions about my training qualifications and dog behavior experience I'm happy to give you those details and references. We also have a secure indoor play and sleeping area that is heated in winter, air conditioned in summer, and often has some dog tv shows when it's too wet outside to play.

Choosing the right place for your dog to stay while you're gone is a real concern for all dog owners. Please feel free to ask as many questions as come to mind - every dog that stays with us has a slightly different experience because every dog is a little different. I want you to have a good feel for how your dog will spend their time so you don't worry unecessarily. If you are not a current client and need boarding within a few days - we may not be the best option. In order to be sure our home is a good fit for your dogs needs and personality we follow a 3 step intake process before their initial boarding stay. This can be done quickly over a couple of days or spread out if your trip is a few weeks or months away.

1) Call or Email to ask any questions and tell us what you need. I'll have a few questions about your dog and the dates you plan to be away.

2) Schedule a brief tour with your dog. This lets you get a feel for how things work here and lets me get an idea of your dogs personality. It also gives your dog a chance to investigate the sights and smells so they are more comfortable next time.

3) Schedule a FREE trial night. This is available for everyone and required for a new dog who's initial stay is more than 2 nights. Some dogs get extreme anxiety or have specific socialization issues that don't come up in their initial short visit with you. We expect some nervous behavior with us and other dogs - that is normal and does not disqualify them. If you want to know more about problems we look for just ask.

REGULAR BOARDING RATES: (calculated by each NIGHT your dog is here)

1 dog - $35 per night

2 or more dogs - $30 per night each additional dog


Active Military - 10% discount (additional holiday and early/late pickup fees not included)

Seniors 55+ - 10% discount (additional holiday and early/late pickup fees not included)


Major National Holidays - Additional $5 per night per dog (see list & details below)

Saturday/Sunday pickup or dropoff before 10am or after 7pm - Additional $5 per dog.

***There is no additional charge for medications or supplements***

HOLIDAYS: For Memorial Day, Labor Day, & July 4th weekends the additional $5 holiday rate applies up to 3 nights they are here.


Thursday-Sunday boarding: Friday & Saturday nights only are considered holiday rates.

Friday-Monday boarding: Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights are holiday rates.

Other Holidays:


Christmas Eve & Christmas Day


New Years Eve

**We consider these family holidays and therefore often miss some festivities to care for dogs.**

PAYMENTS: Cash, Check (to Mollysdogs), Visa accepted upon pickup. New clients 50% estimated cost due upon dropoff.